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Engaging Employee Talent

Richard Mills is Keynote Speaker at Ijona Skills. and He brings diverse executive experience from manufacturing, sales & marketing, operations, leading multiple global locations; utilizing his backgrounds in government, venture capital, private equity, private and public environments. Professional Background: Executive Recruiter - Patina Solutions and Find-My-Executive LLC (Founder) - Taking a different approach to finding the right executive for your firm's needs. We don't come from the world of staffing and recruiting - We come from business. Chair - Vistage International - Vistage is dedica........

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Richard Mills delivers unique insights on building long-term high-performance cultures of continuous improvement. The best-designed systems and processes can only deliver peak efficiency if the people using them are functioning at their optimal levels. And remember - you can't manage what you can't measure. Few organizations are aware of the key indicators that govern human engagement, even though they can be empirically validated.
Senior leadership is encouraged to create environments where their staff is willing to go the extra mile - something that employers normally cannot force upon their staff.
Richard reveals a rapid-response approach organizations can use to quickly obtain a quantitative reporting methodology on these deterministic performance indicators. These indicator affect individuals, teams and whole departments. Manages at every level can immediately identify specific opportunities to empirically improve performance.

Why should you attend?

Industry experts estimate up to 25% of human resource costs are wasted and that the most powerful motivators have little to do with salary. Attendees will learn how to identify the productivity bottlenecks, what actions are needed, and how to measure the effectiveness of those actions.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Detecting lack of employee engagement.
  • Why be part of the team?
  • Job importance from the employee perspective.
  • Expectations of the team.
  • Employee career advancement.
  • Feedback with superiors.
  • Working relationships.
  • Organizational values.
  • Employee communications.
  • Your questions.

Who can Benefit:

  • HR Professionals
  • Line Managers
  • Chief Human Resource Officers
  • HR Directors and Managers
  • Employment Managers
  • Training Directors
  • Executive Team Members
  • Human Resources
  • Business Owners

Webinar Id: ISFRM001

Duration: 60 mins

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