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Employee Retention in Challenging Times: Coming out of the Crises into an Unknown New Normal

Bruce Lee is an international event speaker, who brings practical business leadership, training and management experience gained in a good cross section of industries: Charter Bank branch management and Alberta Manager for the VISA credit card Division of a Canadian Bank, Senior marketing representative for a fully integrated Canadian oil and gas company, Senior executive recruiter, establishing a consultant/referral partner office in England. Owning and managing a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year retail convenience store and gas bar business. Marketing / Director of Service Development for a........

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The economy has shifted. The new normal is in transition, not here yet, and still unknown as to what to really expect. Businesses are struggling to stay solvent and at the same time, relevant to their current clients. The focus is conserving cash, being lean, making painful decisions. It is predicted there will be more losers than winners, too many failures. They question how they will be able to compete in the new economy as it will be intense. We have gone from: "too big to fail' to, 'too small to fail'. It is critical to the nations' economy that you survive, and that comes from having a strong purpose, and personal caring and support of the team. It is more than the hiring process, it is a fundamental understanding of the importance of a meaningful relationship with your employees. To have a successful business, you need fully engaged employees.

Why should you attend?

This timely webinar will introduce you to all the strategies you need to focus on in order to ensure you are ready for relaunch and growth. This is how to develop your employees' best skills, identify how to handle your new business opportunities, clarify your company Vision, and get everyone on board to accomplish it.

The key to this, will be the onboarding and support of your employees, and their commitment to the rebuilding of your legacy. Will you be ready to meet the opportunities being created, or flounder?
It has been said: "Leadership is taking a group of people in a direction that is in their best interest." How prepared are you ready to be to provide this' You do not want employees leaving during this crucial relaunch stage. This is how to engage and retain them. 

  • Create real long term engagement and empowerment for everyone through same day useable skills 
  • Instill a desire for continued professional growth by and for your talent
  • Learn how to develop a strong sense of teamwork and relationships between everyone
  • Adopt the skill sets that will bring out and enhance everyone's talents and strengths
  • Support a plan for you that will encourage each person to be more pro-active to solving problems and /or improving procedures and / or systems.

Areas Covered in the Session:

This webinar is delivered in three sections:
    PART 1: Thriving on Change. 
    Everything has changed. We have a dispersed workforce with flexible work schedules. We start off with learning the best practices to keep your employees engaged and looking forward to a return to business. Successful business leaders are at the forefront of change. Zoom'ing makes the difference as a great starting point - and you need a focus that leads to: Engagement - Empowerment - Transformation. 
    We review:
    • the three most critical strategies you can have to adopt to the new normal. 
    • what everyone's expectations are coming back to a work environment
    • how to set your BHAG - Big Hairy Audacious Goals
    • the need to embrace the 3 questions to ask you and your team leaders every day 
    • to reach your goals
    • keep asking: Who? What? When?
    • why trust is so important now
    Engagement Outline:
    • Learn the 5 fundamental qualities of leadership that inspire and engage your talent 
    • Understand what really motivates employees - how to find out and support it
    • share your core values to get buy-in
    • Know why employees leave an organization and how to eliminate that
    • Learn the top 8 leadership skills necessary to inspire your people
    • Team Building / Engagement Questions. Adapt the four questions to work through with your 
    • team to sort through current & future challenges to the effective restart of your organization.
    • Productivity Questions: Work through the 5 questions that challenge how you look at any task and reduce burnout 
    PART 2: Winning Back our Customers and Reputation:
    This section is a common sense approach to marketing, networking, customer satisfaction with you and referrals to recession proof your business. To improve sales, it is about effective utilization of your current data base and their customer satisfaction with you. Here's how to get more customers and then use that relationship with them to be introduced to their network of potential clients. Everyone needs to know this. Business acceleration occurs when you: 
    • Learn the three key customer service ideas to grow your business 
    • Identify how to create "Raving Fans" for your business! 
    • Understand how to acquire referrals and then follow up with them
    • Identify who your marketing and reputation network is and how to expand it
    • and road test the best questions to ask anyone - anytime 
    PART 3: Coaching Skills for Employee Loyalty, Growth, Retention
    This module provides the four templates that will have you identify and bring out everyone's talents and strengths that will dramatically improve working relationships and productivity. This ties into the "Greatest Management Principle", a great way to empower everyone. A new way to look at reskilling and training - how people will be working six months from now, and beyond. It is all about your workforce, their keeping it together experience with you, and then implementing your new strategies.

    Who can Benefit:

    This webinar is designed for who are looking for a step up to their leadership and development skills. It will be especially helpful for those who are on track for a new leadership role or are preparing to assume a challenging new leadership function.
    • Owners
    • Managers
    • Supervisors
    Webinar Id: ISBE001

    Duration: 90 mins

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