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Creating a Resilient Organization - Getting Ready for the Bounce Back

Using his experience as a manager, executive, and management consultant, Dwight Mihalicz helps CEOs and Executives maintain the balancing act required to maximize their organizations performance. Using every-day language, he translates complex concepts into meaningful action that clients can apply immediately. He has worked in a broad variety of organizations and situations - solving complex problems in local, national, and global settings. Dwight is the Founder and President of Effective Managers , a management consulting firm based in Canada that provides services globally through a network ........

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Most organizations are successful. The unsuccessful ones don't last very long! But even successful organizations have irritants that get in the way of reaching maximum success. In normal times these are accepted. Various measures may be put in place to try to overcome them. These measures are typically at the symptomatic level, so fundamental change is not achieved.

In times of turmoil, these irritants are magnified. The turmoil requires that everyone in the organization to be fully pulling their weight and to be focused on their value-added work. The irritants suddenly become hurdles and roadblocks.

What is one of the main irritants? The Owner is not able to focus on their value-added work because they are pulled down into their team members' work. Why? Because their team members aren't focused on their value-added work, and someone has to do it.

So how do you raise the level of work so you can be confident your team members are focused on the right work so you can focus on yours?

In the webinar you will be introduced to the fundamental concepts that every organization needs to have in place. Address these things now so you will be ready for the bounce back.

Why should you attend?

Learn how to improve organizational effectiveness by tackling root cause issues in your organization or on your team. This will help you through the pandemic, and position you for the rebound when the economy recovers.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Complexity of work - organization design, or the science of layers in organizations
  • Human Capability - talent pools, or how to match people to roles where they have the capabilities to work at that level of complexity (and particularly the problem solving capability)
  • The Effective Point of Accountability - an accountability and authority model that right-sizes work and helps assure appropriate collaboration across teams

Who can Benefit:

  • Owners
  • Founders
  • CEOs
  • Executives
  • Managers of Managers
Webinar Id: ISDM001

Duration: 60 mins

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