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The Future of Work: Challenges and compliance issues in the evolving workplace

Michael D. is Keynote Speaker at Ijona skills. He is a consultant, speaker, writer and teacher. He is co-founder of Omega HR Solutions, Inc., a consulting and services company offering complete human resources solutions. Mike brings years of experience in dealing with the challenges of Human Resources in the 21st century. He has a Master's in HR and is certified as an Senior HR professional. He has over 18 years' experience in the class room teaching human resources fundamentals and certification preparation. Mike is the author of the Human Resources blog found at , which ........

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The robots are coming! The Gig economy is going to take over. These are the things we hear today. While these things are occurring today, it will be a while before the world has changed completely. In the intervening times we will have to deal with the challenges of adjusting and dealing with legal compliance issues that arise as new things are interpreted through old laws. In this course we will explore what some of these issues will be and how we might respond to them.

Why should you attend?

The purpose of this course is to look at how the world of work may be between now and the year 2025.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • What is happening with technology
  • What are the major trends
  • Uber and the world of contractors
  • How Changing demographics drive change
  • What may be the issues in paying people
  • Will fulltime work still exist or will everyone be a contingent worker?
  • Changes underway
    • Performance management
    • Technology in HR

Who can Benefit:

  • HR
  • Office managers
  • Business owners
  • Executives

Webinar Id: ISFTMH004

Duration: 60 mins

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