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Why should I attend a webinar being an executive?

Tim Jerome, PMP® MBA, has led and supported projects globally for over 15 years. Tim has taught Project Management and PMP® Certification preparatory courses for over 10 years, assisting in educating and supporting hundreds of project managers.

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That is a genuine question. What if I told you it's not a webinar it's an open discussion forum with the world's best Project Management Adviser and trainer. It would take just one hour of your busy schedule.

Why should you attend?

The true objective of business is not to be the first or best, but to stay in business ("Play the game") as long as possible. 

Business work environments have been disconnected from the true objective of business since the late 1980s, when the theory of shareholder supremacy became a common business strategy. This is not the only issue we are currently facing but is an initial causal factor that allowed other issues to further complicate our predicament.

This strategy broke trust between workers and executives, which creates the chasm that we all feel.

What can we do now? As leaders and executives, what must we do in order to steer our organizations back on track? The answers are in front of us and are currently being discussed in standard project management courses. 

Join this free webinar to ask anything that helps you develop leadership skills and build a culture in your organization.

Areas Covered in the Session:

We can't expect our staff to give more than we give them
Demonstration of what we desire is the greatest motivation ? especially when we are asking them to take on risk. Stepping out of habitual patterns is hard, and we are driven to make ZERO mistakes in front of our teams. What we ask of others, we can't give less ? we must give more, and we must give first. This includes allowing for early mistakes. Mistakes are not bad, unless they are not managed. Managed well, mistakes are a demonstration of trust, and early course-correction. We need to hear this as much as our staff does, and if this is not being discussed, we are the ones who need to lead the discussion.

We (Executives) establish the culture
Unwritten rules and laws are what govern a group and define the culture. We define this for our group. Re-steering culture is like re-steering a large ship, however; it takes time, and early efforts aren't evident. For a highly motivated staff, the Executive must provide resources required for people to not only feel safe (their positions and work aren't going away any time soon), but also for them to feel a sense of autonomy. When an Executive is not confident, the exact opposite occurs ? Executive control is enforced, staff feels less control, and motivation drops.

When we risk and trust first
To go against our instincts is difficult. If we don't have a mentor or at least trusted advisors, we're acting on our own ? which heightens fear and denies the luxury of time to consider alternatives and favorable outcomes. Humans are social animals, and we need to have a community where we can share concerns and fears when we need. If we give this to ourselves, we give this to our staff as well. This is not a luxury; this is a requirement of leadership.
Leadership sets the group's direction, but leadership is also requires personal interaction. We don't motivate groups; we motivate individuals. The tool of the Executive is hearts and minds ? connect with the human condition, and then win through logic. It does take more time, but ensures not only engagement, but commitment ? which in turn, ensures not only a win, but a longer opportunity to keep winning.

Who can Benefit:

All Executives


Webinar Id: ISTJ001

Duration: 90 mins

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