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Race Relations in the Workplace: Making the Most of Cultural Differences

Tom Esch is keynote speaker at Ijona Skills and has been involved in courageous conversations since 1969 when a whiffle ball game ended badly. Since then he has become a specialist in challenging situations and has inspired more than 20,000 people around the world with his messages. Tom has two master's degrees, one from the University of Notre Dame in S. Bend, Indiana and the other in Conflict Resolution from the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon and the other. He currently is President of Esch Consulting, LLC, a business that helps people prevent and manage conflict.

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Demographics are changing rapidly in the business world and sometimes there are communication challenges related to this fact. People from different races and cultural backgrounds may have significant differences in values and how they interact. These differences, and the way they are handled or mishandled, can positively or negatively impact communication and business results.

Racial bias, whether real or perceived can be a huge professional problem or can be an incredible benefit to any given business. The "Black Lives Matter" movement has generated some new intensity that is not simple to navigate interpersonally or organizationally. Diversity, when done right, adds much richness to a company's culture and can enrich the financial bottom line.

Why should you attend?

You should consider attending this because racism is a real issue that impacts individuals and companies. You shouldn't be afraid or defensive when it comes to addressing current social issues and how they might be affecting your employees. And yet many of us are. It's time to embrace the racial and cultural differences that comprise your workforce and find solutions to talk about these difficult issues in a diplomatic and safe environment.

Expert Tom Esch will help you understand the importance of cultural differences and how to recognize and celebrate race relations in your workplace in this 60-minute training course.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • How unconscious advantage is related to rank and what to do about it
  • How current social movements can impact the business environment and what to do to best respond to them. 
  • How communication expectations and messages can be different in various cultures
  • Uncover and understand how your unconscious advantages impact the way you manage, lead and relate to others, whatever your title or racial identity
  • New concepts, understanding and language that will provide more facility for you to effectively navigate this challenging terrain

Who can Benefit:

Managers, leaders, C-level workers in mid-sized and smaller businesses. Non-profit executives.

Webinar Id: ISSTE003

Duration: 60 mins

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