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Leadership Skills for Quietly Brilliant People (Introverts)

Lynette Crane, MA, is Minneapolis-based mentor to introvert CEOs, an acclaimed national speaker, corporate trainer, executive coach and author, and Founder of Quiet Brilliance Consulting LLC. Trained in psychology, she has more than 30 years' experience in her field. An introvert herself, her expertise lies in helping the "quietly brilliant" (aka introverts) master the social confidence skills necessary to achieve personal success, represent their companies effectively, and become innovative wisdom leaders. Such "quietly brilliant" people often immerse themselves in learning complex skills wit........

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Introverts in the workplace are much less likely to be perceived as having high leadership potential, and are often omitted from leadership development programs, yet recent research shows that they can be highly successful leaders, especially for leading teams to innovation.
Corporations are crying out for more leaders, but often overlook the talent pool of the introverts, who represent some of the brightest and most creative minds. Introverts can learn to use their introvert skills to become visible and valued in their workplace - without having to become extroverts.

Why should you attend?

Quietly brilliant, highly-skilled employees who are tired of being overlooked for leadership development and promotion.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Why do introverts get overlooked for leadership roles?
  • The neurology of the "quietly brilliant" - and why it's misunderstood in the corporate world
  • Handle the "Deer in the Headlights" phenomenon when someone asks you a question suddenly in public
  • Overcome the "doesn't speak up enough" criticism without becoming "Chatty Cathy"
  • Be sociable in the corporate world without having to be the "Life of the Party"
  • Network internally - and build a "Tribe" that supports you
  • Turn Small Talk into Big Talk with a few simple conversational tricks
  • Keep your boss informed and on top of your accomplishments
  • Find a Mentor who will support and champion you

Who can Benefit:

Ambitious SMEs in any field
Webinar Id: ISSLC001

Duration: 60 mins








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