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Behavioural Interviewing

Rebecca Staton-Reinstein is Keynote Speaker at Ijona Skills. Clients get bottom- and top-line results from our mentoring emphasizing all aspects of strategic planning and leadership; leadership, management, and team development, and implementing plans and organizational change Internationally recognized strategic planning and leadership expert; president of Advantage Leadership, Inc.; Ph.D., organizational development Author: Success Planning: A "How-To" Guide for Strategic Planning; Success Planning for Nonprofits; Evidence-Based Strategic Planning; Conventional Wisdom: How Today's Leaders Pl........

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Hiring the right person can be difficult. If you make a mistake, it may be impossible to reverse. Have you ever chosen poorly and ended up with a big headache Automated pre-selection processes may inadvertently remove talented candidates before you begin your interviews. You may only have about an hour to figure out if the person will be a great fit for your team. Yet you will spend time training and helping them integrate into the group only to find out you have made a mistake. Do not delegate this crucial decision to other people, software, the wrong criteria, or luck. Don't waste valuable interview time with silly or poorly constructed questions. Use Behavioral Interviewing to take chance, subjectivity, and pain out of the equation and hire the right person every time.

Why should you attend?

Bringing a new person onto an existing team raises risks. If you ignore these, disaster can follow. If you clearly define the talents and skills you need for your team's success, you can develop questions to discover if these exist in the candidate. Verifying talents and skills during the interview is THE critical skill. Learn to do this and you will bring on qualified, compatible new team members.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Identify talents you need in addition to skills and experience
  • Construct questions to discover actual accomplishments
  • Dig below the rehearsed surface answers to the truth of experience
  • Avoid meaningless, silly, invalid questions and time wasters
  • Eliminate theoretical questions and focus on reality
  • Automatically comply with EEOC and other regulations
  • Establish effective logistics, preparation, and guidelines to maximize time
  • Develop scripts, templates, and other tools
  • Institute continuous improvement of your interviewing process

Who can Benefit:

  • HR professionals
  • Hiring managers
  • Functional managers
  • Members of interviewing team 
  • Anyone who hires or interviews prospective team members

Webinar Id: ISSBRS004

Duration: 90 mins


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