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How to Develop Advocates and Referrals to Boost Your Business and Career

Lynne Waymon is CEO of Contacts Count LLC, the premier international training and consulting firm that specializes in professional and business networking. She and her co-founder are recognized thought leaders and experts on business and professional networking. Lynne is the co-author of Make Your Contacts Count (2nd edition) and Strategic Connections: The New Face of Networking in A Collaborative World (2015), both published by The American Management Association. She also co-authored The Networking Competency Assessment, a 40-item online test that measures skill in 8 Competency areas. In key........

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If you want people to hire you, refer you, mentor you, or listen to you - and who doesn't? - then you need strategies for building trust-based relationships inside your company and outside, too. In this webinar, Lynne will show you the 6 Stages of Trust-building and what to do and say at each stage to make great connections. We'll look at how trust gets broken and how to recover when you make a mistake. You'll learn how to figure out a good next step when you want more of a relationship and how to avoid asking for too much too soon or too little too late.  

Why should you attend?

People who want to have more influence, more clients, more career possibilities, and more collaboration. Even in this digitally-dominated age, you need face-to-face skills to connect, converse, and collaborate. These days you don't network merely to get your own job done or for your own career advantage. You also network to create enterprise-wide results that your whole organization can benefit from.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Identify the 6 Stages in the trust-building process (Accident, Acquaintance, Associate, Active, Advocate, and Ally) and what to do and say at each Stage
  • Gauge where you are in the trust-building process with key contacts and how to choose a good next step when you want more of a relationship
  • Know 2 things to do and say when you make a mistake and want to rebuild trust. 
  • Learn 6 ways to show your Character and Competence to build trust. 

Who can Benefit:

  • Manager 
  • VP's 
  • CEO's 
  • Individual contributors 
  • Project leaders 
  • People who need to develop more cross-functional and collaborative relationships 
  • People in any business development or sales role, job seekers, and career changers. 

Webinar Id: ISSLWH001

Duration: 60 mins

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