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Business Writing for Results

Audrey Halpern is assists employees in achieving their goals through the use of highly interactive participant-centered training methods which maximize outcomes. Audrey Halpern has had an exemplary 20+yr training facilitation/learning and development career, developing custom soft skills employee programs and on-boarding. Her background in human resources, instructional design and sales makes for effective workshop design. Her creative and engaging delivery sprinkled with impactful activities. Industries include: | Advertising / Direct Mail | Financial | Telecom | Business to Business | IT Tec........

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The way you write and respond to emails and other documentation reveals much about your credibility and professionalism. It can make a difference between someone understanding your point of view, and agreeing with you, or not. It can also make the difference between someone interpreting your message the way you intended, and completely mi........

Why should you attend?

  • Communicate in a clear and concise fashion
  • Utilize proven techniques to structure your thoughts
  • Deal more effectively with email messages
  • Learn efficient proofreading techniques 
  • Gain confidence in your wrting style

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Email etiquette
  • Use of attachments
  • When to use CC/BCC/Forward/Reply to all/Urgent 
  • Subject Line
  • Salutation
  • Closing Signatures
  • Jargon, acronyms
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Choosing Your Words Carefully active versus passive voice
  • Proof Reading- Editing- Tone
  • Deleting Redundancies
  • Writing Meeting Agendas
  • Use paragraphs to organize information. 

Who can Benefit:

This webinar is designed for professionals at all levels who wish to obtain better results from their written business communication
Webinar Id: ISFSAH002

Duration: 60 mins

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