Januarie Wood

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Januarie Wood

HiVibe Coach and Trainer

Ultralife Solutions LLC

Januarie Wood is a Keynote Speaker at Ijona Skills.Januarie Wood is a owner of UltraLifeSolutions, LLC. She is having twenty years speaking experience.She trains and mentors individuals to live and operate from a higher place, and speaks in public seminars and within corporations and organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Seminars and workshops are on the topics of intentional engagement, intuitive intelligence, advanced stress release techniques, and other communication topics.
Featured in several publications including local business journals, 417 magazine, Today's Woman magazine, and on news programs on ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS.She has spoken for Kansas City School Board, Tusculum College, Cal Polly State University, Justice Jewelers, Wichita State University, AHP Corp, and other groups and organizations around the United States and Canada.

Webinar Id: ISSJW003
10:00 AM PT | 01:00 PM ET
Duration: 60 mins
Dealing with Conflict, Confrontation, and Difficult People

Create peace and goodwill as you engage with difficult people and behaviors. Move through conflict and confrontation more easily and quickly and learn how to take control, calm people down, and become the voice of reason all while building respect and rapport.

Webinar Id: ISSJW001
10:00 AM PT | 01:00 PM ET
Duration: 60 mins
A Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence

This course is not just about acquiring great engagement skills and getting your message across and being a good listener, it is about truly connecting and creating an experience instead of just an interaction. It's about listening to your own emotional prompts and reading the prompts of others and connecting with others on a human level. this does not mean getting personal; it means cutting through the surface noise and speaking to the........

Webinar Id: ISSJW002
Duration: 60mins
6 months unlimited
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Practical Problem Solving for Administrative Professionals

The seminar is designed for the executive assistant or Administrative Assistant to manage all areas of their job in order to become more confident, effective and indispensable to his or her boss.This live webinar is intended to empower attendees with strategies and tools for solving problems common to administrative professions. Attendees will learn techniques that can be applied within any work scenario, language for problem solving an........

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