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Dr. Genie Z. Laborde is the CEO of International Dialogue Education Associates, Inc. (I.D.E.A..), author of the globally acclaimed book "Influencing with Integrity" and renowned corporate consultant. She received her Ph.D. in Confluent Education from UCSB, her M.A. in Creative Writing from Tulane University, and her B.A. in Fine Arts from Louisiana State University.

Dr. Laborde founded I.D.E.A.- a management consulting corporation located in Silicon Valley- for her seminars in 1980. Not too long after I.D.E.A. was formed, her corporation began training more than 15,000 employees at IBM. Her 165 Certified Trainers have taught her seminar "Influencing with Integrity" to tens of thousands of students throughout 19 countries.

In addition to just recently launching her first training app, "3 Minute Steps to Influencing with Integrity", Dr. Laborde is the author of 34 books, writes and produces her training videos, paints, teaches yoga, and enjoys all her enterprises. Her contract clients include Dell, HP, Bulova, Chase Bank, Sprint, the United Nations, Stanford University, and over 100 other companies and institutions.

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