LaShanya Aikerson

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LaShanya Aikerson

Performance Leadership Trainer

Delta Air Lines

LaShanya is a keynote speaker at Ijonaskills. She began her career over 25 years ago in Chicago as an electrical engineer for a major Telecommunications company. She became a supervisor based on technical performance, not her ability to lead people. So these early years were a struggle. She thought she was not "born" with the skills to win. She later learned the truth - the "best" do what the "rest" don't. So she learned the actions of the "best" through training, coaching, and experience. Over a decade ago she started teaching this to others. She empowers audiences large and small with practical and proven tools to realize sustainable high performance. She is a certified trainer, coach, and consultant.As a Leadership Trainer, Coach, and Speaker, LaShanya's topics include: High Performance Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Managing Change, Effective Communication, Team Building, The Trust Factor, Achieving Goals, DISC, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Coaching Skills for Leaders, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, Body Language Basics, Office Politics, Persuasion & Influence, Negotiation Skills, Public Speaking, Strategic Planning, Leading with Vision, Telework and Telecommuting, Delivering Feedback, Work-Life Balance, Employee Engagement, Effective Meetings, Business Writing, Technical Writing, and more.

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