Barney Kramer

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Barney Kramer

President of Strategic Management

Barney Kramer is President of Strategic Management, a Business Consulting Consortium. His practice includes Leadership training and development, Organizational development, and Marketing and Sales training and development. Barney is an accomplished writer, speaker, talk show quest on radio and television and entrepreneur with over 40 years of successful startups and turnarounds at all levels to his credit. Barney combines the best of hands on experience and theories to deliver the critical elements necessary for success in business in a clean, clear, crisp method that produces real life solutions to real life challenges leaders face in today's world. His methodologies and techniques have helped many national companies as well as some of the best entrepreneurial organizations around.

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Leadership for Today's Leaders

This presentation will look at the state of leadership today, why it is where it is and then provide a path for improvement.

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