Tom Brouillette

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Tom Brouillette

Management Leader

XPO Logistics

Tom Brouillette is Keynote Speaker in Ijona skills. He is a leader in Supply Chain Management with a major third party logistics provider in the US. Tom is a respected business and technical leader with prominent 25+ year career delivering strategic enterprise solutions in the Supply Chain, eCommerce, CRM, B2B and B2C for some of the largest retailers. Tom has developed a proven track record of delivering solutions bridging the gap between strategic objectives of business and available tools and technology and he brings these skills to these discussions and to share and guide. Tom has been recognized for successful strategy development and delivery of Supply Chain Management, eCommerce, B2B, B2C, CRM, aerospace, manufacturing and health care initiatives to name a few. Tom is able to quickly understand and get to the root of the business requirements and strategy and then brings his experience to the tablet to define highly creative solutions that takes advantage of operations, business acumen and technology to define the most appropriate and cost effective solution.

In addition, Tom writes a regular blog that focuses on supply chain trends and issues to provide thought leadership to the industry. Tom's discussions range in topics from planning and forecasting to business culture change and collaboration. Tom has earned certificates in business process modeling from San Francisco University along with ITSM ISO Foundation Certificate in ISO/IEC 2000, in addition to a Leadership certificate from the Creative Leadership Institute.