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Wes Parker

Global Talent and Organizational Development Leader


Wes Parker, is Keynote Speaker at Ijona Skills. He has 30+ years experience in talent development, organizational development, change management, and technical writing. He has developed employees, middle-leaders, and executives in all technical and soft skills as well as individuals outside of work. He is a Global Talent and Organizational Development Leader in Vista Equity-the fourth largest software development company globally. His experience includes full-time and independent consultant work across multiple industries-including many of the Fortune 500 as well as non-profits. He has expertise in both training solutions and the 80% of solutions outside-of-training that drive performance. He has strategic and tactical experience in most operational and support functions. He earned being awarded first in talent development globally, in the top 125 globally for nearly a decade; and has earned multiple Vista Equity talent development award nominations, finalists, and wins. He holds a B.S. in education, M.S. in education administration, Ph.D. in education, M.B.A, and continues to hold earned certifications as a Certified Performance Technologist from ISPI and a Certified Return on Investment Professional from the ROI Institute. He continually pursues professional development opportunities to keep up with and take advantage of the latest best practices. While 80% of the time participants don't see the performance change they want to from a one-time learning event, using his expertise, Wes, makes sure participants will be provided what they need before, during, and after the webinar to ensure they retain and apply what they've learned.

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