Mark Hordes

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Mark Hordes

Managing Director and Senior Consultant

Mark Hordes Management Consultants, LLC

Mark Hordes is a keynote speaker at Ijona Skills. He is the Managing Director and Senior Consultant with Mark Hordes Management Consultants, LLC (MHMC) in Houston, Texas. He is a popular, highly regarded motivational business speaker at industry conferences and meeting events, as well as a best-selling business author, Management Consultant, and Business and developer of the Trusted Advisor Workshops and Seminar Leader to Fortune 500 companies across the U.S. and internationally.
During his 25 year career as a Management Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Senior Vice President, and Partner with an Big5 management consulting firm, Mark has trained thousands of professionals to successfully transition to trusted advisor roles. He is also the co-author of the best-selling business book, "S-Business: Reinventing the Services Organization published by Select Books, New York, New York. 
Mr.Hordes has been profiled in the media and press, The Houston Business Journal: "Face to Face with Mark Hordes" and was a 2014 Houston Business Journal "Who's Who in Energy Training Honoree." 
Mark is proud to have worked with, and supported the following clients companies: SADARA, KBR, Bentley Construction & Engineering, Qualcomm, S&T Eastern Europe, Ultimate Software, Caterpillar Asia, Kronos, Dow Chemical, Chevron, Accenture, ConocoPhillips, Blue Star/China, Shell Oil, Hoechst Celanese, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Georgia Pacific, DuPont, Pennzoil, Nestles, ExxonMobil, Fleming Foods, Import/Export Department of Canada, Tenneco Shared Services, Johnson Wax, Ryder, Sea Land, Marriott Hotels, Holiday Inns World Wide, American Express, Unilever, International Paper, Bancomer/Mexico, Renault France and Spain, Horne Financial Business Advisors and Singapore Airlines to name a few.
Mark possesses a BS from the University of Houston, and an MBA and MS in Human Development from Aurora University. He also earned the distinguished "Certificate of Advanced Study Diploma" from The American Graduate School of International Management, "Thunderbird" where he focused on Global Leadership and Cross-Cultural Management.
A resident of Houston for 25 years, Mark is married to Vivian Hordes, an award winning Print Artist.

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