Horacio Lewi

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Horacio Lewi

President and CEO

Delaware Fairness Institute and Ministry

Dr. Lewis is a Panamanian born result oriented professional who is fluent in Spanish and English. He is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor of Spanish and Graduate Education at Delaware State University, a Humanities Program Evaluator with the Delaware Humanities Forum, Ordained Independent Bilingual Interfaith Spiritual Minister and a Senior Consultant/Trainer with the Fairness Institute. He is a US citizen interested in researching, consulting and teaching issues of diversity, culture, education, equity, fairness, civil rights, desegregation, religion/spirituality, and languages.

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Why We Need DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program)

A recent article published in U.S. newspapers: "Dreamer's aren't giving up after DACA decision," byKarlita Cruz is exactly what Americans ("Unitedstatesians") need to understand. "I am not leaving. I havepaid taxes and contributed to this country for years," she emphasizes. Indeed, if she were deported, asPresident Donald Trump dictates, where would she go? Well, she would return to Knoxville, Tennessee,where she grew up. I can rela........

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