Jorge Acuna

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Jorge Acuna

President , Chief Learning Officer


Jorge Acuna is Keynote Speaker at Ijona Skills. He has over 18 years of experience in the Human Performance Development and Improvement and is the author of the book Viral Leadership. Jorge teaches courses at eCornell online and is the publisher of Learning4Managers. Having earned a BA in Psychology, a Masters degree in Adult Education and an MBA, he has dedicated himself to researching how to optimize human performance and maximize engagement through effective learning. His passion is to pass along his knowledge and see teams increase revenue and gain pride in what they do.
Jorge's philosophy is that "if the people you encounter treat you like gold, then treat them like diamonds!" His desire is to help emerging and established leaders become great at what they do. This became a personal goal of his since he left his native county of Costa Rica to seek opportunities in the USA. Jorge has been described as "welcoming individual" and "great problem-solver." Every year Jorge provides customized training and consultation services to thousands of individuals across the USA and the world in person or via the Web. His past clients range from small entrepreneurial businesses to multi-billion dollar global enterprises.
Jorge Acuna's personal and professional experiences in both success and failure give him a unique perspective. He has profound appreciation for the struggle leaders, managers and entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. Jorge's goal is to take what he has learned from his experience and the experiences of other successful individuals to help you avoid the pitfalls, and to learn to leverage adversity.