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"Virtual Team" - Managing People Effectively in Multiple Locations


As enterprises have been growing far and wide, often international in scope, we find ourselves as executives and managers with our talent spread farther and farther, often at dozens and hundreds of locations. How do we 'get a better handle' on all this?

Some of the survey's key findings are:

  • 85% of respondents say that virtual team work is extremely or somewhat critical to their job
  • 41% report that their teams never meet in person
  • Almost 20% of respondents spend over half of the day interacting on virtual teams
  • Only 22% of respondents received training to increase their productivity on virtual teams
Why Should You Attend:
  • Are you concerned about how much time and productivity your people are wasting?
  • What about lost energy, efficiency and effectiveness, especially because your workforce is so spread out?
  • Would you like to 'tame the paper tiger' and reduce so much needless paperwork?
  • Have you ever been concerned about employees not following the rules, not taken by 'out of sight, out of mind' motto?
  • Would you like to be able to more effectively spot problems, even when you are hundreds or thousands of miles away?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then come join in as the instructor leads attendees through these important topics, and addresses key questions and answers to effectively improve team performance, no matter how widely distributed everyone.

Take Away:
  • Boost productivity at every location
  • Significantly cut down on paperwork
  • Know off-site employees are following the rules, including home-office rules
  • Spot problems even when you're far away
Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Maintain Order While Managing Long-Distance
  • Stay In Touch - And Control - No Matter What 
  • Establish Quality-Minded Teams You Can Rely On 
  • Troubleshoot Off-Site Problems Like A Pro 
Who can benefit:
  • CEO
  • Senior Vice President
  • Vice President
  • Executive Director
  • Managing Director
  • Regional Vice President
  • Area Supervisor
  • Manager

This is a unique opportunity to fine-tune your off-site management skills in an environment where you don't have to worry about making a costly mistake. This is your chance to master proven-effective strategies that you can put to work immediately.
When you take part in this workshop, be prepared to roll up your sleeves, sweat a little and think a lot. During the session, you'll examine off-site management challenges and solutions with peers; practice techniques for getting poorly performing locations up-to-speed; determine what the pros did right - and wrong in real-world case studies and much more.
Back at the office, you'll be able to turn around all your off-site concerns. You'll know the inside secrets that'll help you get multiple offices to follow your instructions to the letter, accurately monitor quality and build strong, self-reliant teams you can count on.

Learning Objectives:

  • Maintain Order While Managing Long-Distance
    • How to give multiple locations a business "road map" that'll keep them headed in the right direction
    • How to create crystal-clear procedures that off-site staff will follow to the letter
    • Expert insight on "friendly" competition between sites . . . could this be doing your company more harm than good?
    • Discuss today's long-distance management challenges and brainstorm possible solutions
    • How to quickly smooth things over when you have to lay down the law and enforce an unpopular policy . . . from a distance
    • The one action you must take if you want to significantly slow down the paper blizzard from multiple locations 
  • Stay In Touch - And Control - No Matter What 
    • How to keep your finger on the pulse of off-site action without making employees feel like "Big Brother" is watching
    • What responsibilities you must shoulder alone . . . and when you can safely share the load with off-site employees
    • A common - but deadly - management mistake that'll ensure an off-site office will never trust your motives
    • Determine the fastest way to get a poorly performing location up to speed
    • How to quickly and accurately check the quality of products or services at any location
    • The inside secrets to creating a lasting bond between off-sites so every employee feels like they're on the same team 
  • Establish Quality-Minded Teams You Can Rely On 
    • How to structure teams so they'll pull together . . . no matter which site they're from
    • How to ease resentment at a satellite location when a home-office employee is chosen for a promotion
    • The only way to handle teams that were established before your time without decreasing productivity 
    • How to build an "emergency response" team that'll know what can be handled independently . . . and when to call you immediately 
  • Troubleshoot Off-Site Problems Like A Pro 
    • How often you should be visiting each site . . . any less and you're begging for trouble
    • Phone or face-to-face? The best way to approach a site problem without alienating anyone
    • How to put a stop to childish disputes between sites . . . without taking sides or making matters worse
    • Develop a reward system that'll motivate employees from all levels at every location
    • How to determine whether you should coach . . . counsel . . . or warn the entire staff at a location about their performance
    • An action plan that'll help you handle any "cover-up" you might find . . . no matter how large or small
    • How to ensure the "isolation factor" won't turn into a problem at remote locations 
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Chris DeVany

Chris DeVany is keynote speaker at Ijona Skills. He is the founder and president of Pinnacle Performance Improvement Worldwide, a firm which focuses on management and organization development. Pinnacle's clients include such organizations as Microsoft, Visa International, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Sprint, American Counseling Association, Aviva Insurance, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Hospital Corporation of America, Schlumberger, Morgan Stanley, Boston Scientific, US HealthCare and over 500 other organizations in 22 countries. He has published numerous articles in the fields of project management, management, sales, team-building, leadership, ethics, customer service, diversity and work-life balance, in publications ranging from ASTD/Performance In Practice to Customer Service Management. His McGraw-Hill book, "90 Days to a High-Performance Team", is replete with hands-on tools, templates and checklists which managers use effectively everyday to improve performance. He has appeared hundreds of times on radio and television interview programs to discuss project management, sales, customer service, effective workplace communication, management, handling rapid personal and organizational change and other topical business issues. He has served or is currently serving as a board member of Sales and Marketing Executives International, American Management Association, American Society of Training and Development, Institute of Management Consultants, American Society of Association Executives, Meeting Professionals International and National Speakers Association. Chris is an award-winning Toastmaster's International Competition speaker. He recently participated in the Fortune 500 Annual Management Forum as a speaker, panelist and seminar leader. Chris has distinguished himself professionally by serving Corporate America as manager and trainer of project management, IT, sales, customer service and marketing professionals. Included among those business leaders are Prudential Insurance, Sprint, BayBank (now part of Bank of America), US Health Care and Marriott Corporation. He has assisted these organizations in developing project management, sales, customer service and marketing strategies, organizing inbound and outbound call center programs, training and development of management and new hires, and fostering corporate growth through creative change and innovation initiatives. Chris holds degrees in management studies and organizational behavior from Boston University. He has traveled to 22 countries and 47 states in the course of his career.

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